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Wendelien Daan (she) is an accomplished photographer, visual artist, creative director, DOP and short-film director. Born in 1965 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, her work is a captivating exploration of themes such as identity, equality and alienation, viewed through a lens that challenges and redefines conventional beauty.

She grew up in Friesland, The Netherlands and graduated in Fashion Design at ArtEZ /University of the Arts, Arnhem in 1988.

Her approach to photography is both abstract and surreal, often transforming ordinary shapes into unexpected visual narratives. This unique style has allowed her to comment thoughtfully on the contemporary image of women.

Her focus turned towards photography during her studies, finding it a more fitting medium for her storytelling. After moving to Amsterdam in 1989, she received a photography fund to develop her portfolio.

Her career includes working as an assistant photographer, where she gained expertise in both analog and digital photography techniques. From 2000 Daan's career flourished internationally, working in New York and Paris for high-profile clients like Paris Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and brands such as Nike and Neiman Marcus.

Nowadays, being based in Amsterdam but regulary travelling to Paris or other locations in the world for shoots, she moves back and forth between personal projects and assignments with ease.

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